iMexx 80mm Case Fan - Black

iMexx 80mm Case Fan - Black


  • $5.00

Protect your PC against the searing heat of everyday use. For cost-conscious shoppers and PC enthusiasts who want maximum bang for the buck, you’ll definitely want to make the Imexx IME-20419 Cooling Fan part of your cooling solution.


The Imexx IME-20419 fan, operating with durable 80mm blades, safely ushers harmful thermal energy away from your PC’s sensitive components, at a rate of over 31 CFM (cubic feet per minute) during peak performance! This affordable model is a cinch to install, and the 28 dB generated at 2500 RPMs ± 10% means you’ll hardly notice it’s even in use!


Besides keeping your system temps way down, this Imexx case-compatible fan helps prevent dust and other particulate matter from building up inside your PC, which is vital to your system’s longevity. Whether you’re arming one desktop or several workstations, ensure you equip them with this first-rate cooling fan for solid protection and superior value.