VGA Signal Extender 60m, Single Ethernet Cable

VGA Signal Extender 60m, Single Ethernet Cable


  • $65.00

  • This VGA extender includes a signal transmitter and a receiver.
  • Using alloy shell, it is lightning-proof, dust-proof, and ensure rapid cooling. Design simple and fashionable.
  • by a cat5e/6 cable, it extend VGA image up to 60m/197ft.
  • Small, lightweight, no power and driver required, is easy to operate, no need to set, plug and play.
  • widely used in KTV, multimedia video, network engineering, stage demo, outdoor display and so on.
  • Support HD 1024P pixels
  • Field signal digital shaping circuit, compatible with laptop or non-standard VGA-RGBHV signal
  • Long service life, 7 * 24 * 365 work around the clock, stable and reliable performance


Package Contents:

  • 1 x VGA Extender Transmitter
  • 1 x VGA Extender Receiver